About Qualification

As our Bylaws state, only the proxy votes by Class B members — people who have RSVPed for a NY Tech Meetup event via the Meetup.com platform by 11:59 pm NYC time on the Record Date (December 7th, 2012) — will be counted in our final tally (despite the fact that the voting platform will allow proxy votes to be submitted by all registered users of their system).

Our voting system therefore uses Meetup.com's RSVP data to determine which of our members are qualified to vote. A text file with a list of all Meetup.com member ID which qualify can be found here.

If the voting system is telling you that you do not qualify, but you feel like you do qualify, please send an email to jessica@nytm.org, with "[Election]" contained in the subject line, attaching any supporting evidence that you have RSVPed on the Meetup.com platform for a prior event, and the information will be forwarded to the NY Tech Meetup Bylaws Committee for review.